Thursday, October 23, 2008

How to determine the effects of fish feed on fish growth performances?

The succes of feeding operations on fish and shirmp is reflected in overall productivity and cost effectiveness. Fish growth will be affected by a few factors such as water quality, feed quality, fish quality etc. Fish growth performances can be measure using a few formulae:
Specific growth rate (SGR)= [(In final weight (g) – In initial weight)/Time(Days)]*100
Feed conversion ratio (FCR)= (feed consumed/weight gain)
Protein efficiency ratio (PER)=(wet weight gain/Protein consumed)
Daily Intake Rates (DIR)=([feed intake /mean weight]/no days)*100
Protein Productive Value (PPV)=(retained protein/ingested protein)*100
Feed Efficiency Ratio(FER)=(wet weight gain/total food consumption)
Condition Factor (CF)=(body weight / total length3)*100
Hepatosomatic Index (HI)=(liver weight /body weight)*100
Mesenteric Fat Index (MFI)=(mesenteric fat weight /body weight)*100
Productive Energy Value (PEV)=(fish energy gain (g MJ)/total energy consumed (g MJ))*100


Sy Fazidawaty said...

how to calculate using those formula?cn u gv some of d algorithm? =) saja jak bah..general knowledge..hehe!

kamil said...

berminat? kelak berik email n terangkan :)

Pukul berapa jam sekarang???

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